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It all started with our trip through Asia, where we tried insects for the first time

Our adventure

Kai and I have always been very fond of travel. In our last year together at the Waldorf School, however, we felt very limited and limited by our everyday life and school stress. We wanted to experience adventure and not waste our time at school. So we planned an extraordinary trip.

We took the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow, via Omsk and Irkutsk to Vladivostok, from where we went via Korea to Japan. The third class of the Trans-Siberian Railway was the class of our choice after a very short consideration.

Trans-Siberian Railway

So we drove with 56 people per wagon for about 10 days through a country unknown to us with a completely unknown culture and language, because in our experience, English spoke even fewer people than D, German. A completely new and impartial insight into the foreign culture opened up for us while we traveled through the country like locals. Our adventure also presented us with a big ordeal for our friendship, which it survived well.
A real adventure! We went to our limits and had a great time discovering foreign cultures. We had a lot of time on the train to get creative, to exchange ideas and to make plans. Ultimately, there was this one experience that changed and determined our lives in the past year. We tried insects for the first time in our lives! At first, this tradition was a little suspect, but after a little overcoming, we decided to try it.

We overcame to try insects

One of our best decisions

We were totally thrilled with the taste. And they couldn’t stop trying the 2000 different edible insect species. We were so taken with the eating of insects that we started to find out about it back in Germany.

We came across the amazing sustainability of insects. As animals that are warm to the touch, they do not need to metabolize to obtain body heat compared to animals of the same temperature. They are much more effective feed utilizers than, for example: chickens, pigs or cattle. Sounds logical! But when we looked at the environmental impact compared to beef, we were amazed!

Insects are not only tasty and healthy, they are also sustainable.

Compared to beef, the production of one kilogram of insects can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 99%. At the same time, they only use about 25% of the feed in production, only a fraction of the space and much less than 1% of the water.
Together with the first-class taste, we see huge potential in insect consumption when it comes to preventing climate change and sustainable food security. Because our rapidly growing world population (by 2050 about 10 billion people) needs a lot of food that we currently only provide very poorly and in no case nationwide (sometimes also cannot provide). However, eating insects, and especially entoveganic nutrition, can solve this problem! To further advance this problem solving, we came up with the idea of ​​Entorganics. We developed the concept of Entorganics and quickly got support from “Telefonica O2 Think Big”, a program that enabled us to work with Thomas Jakel, one of our mentors. We started by breeding insects ourselves at home, experimenting with them, developing our own insect recipes and sharing them on Instagram. In order to raise our level to the next level, we took part in the xStarters Challenge of Volkswagen AG and were able to take first place in the final.
As part of the xStarters digital Accelerator, we were able to work with N3xtcoder on our idea and get to know inspiring startups and founding personalities in a startup safari. We have developed a precise schedule and a range of products, but above all we have improved our social media presence. A great opportunity that we could use to organize ourselves and make valuable contacts. Many thanks to N3xtcoder!
We attended various events and presented our idea there to get valuable feedback. Now our focus is entirely on product development and the release of our first products until hopefully in the middle / end of September. To integrate entoveganic nutrition into our everyday life. Lets start the food revolution!

Follow our journey towards sustainable food branding!

Through competitions and our interest in entrepreneurship, we slipped into the startup scene. We took part in an idea competition and immediately won the xStarters innovation program from Volkswagen, and from there we were supported by the Volkswagen xStarters Accelerator. We started to think big, sharpen our vision and idea and create first implementation plans. We romped from competition to competition and from accelerator to accelerator until we felt ready to take the risk and officially found it in summer 2019. We founded Entorganics GmbH and planned crowdfunding for our first product. The insect protein powder. In addition to the school, we were able to successfully complete our first crowdfunding with over 5000 € within a month.


Would you like to know why insects have what it takes to be tomorrow's superfood and are the protein of the future? Then you are exactly right here!

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